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Businesses Contributing to Eco Green in Litchfield Region in Northern Territory, Australia

Litchfield in Northern Territory, Australia, is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Nestled amongst greenery, hills, and rivers, the region boasts an abundance of flora and fauna. It is no wonder that the area is a popular tourist destination. However, tourism often has a negative impact on the environment, but thanks to some eco-conscious businesses, the impact is minimal. In this article, we will discuss some of the businesses that contribute to Eco Green in the region of Litchfield.


1. Litchfield Motel

Litchfield Motel is one of the premier eco-friendly motels in the region. The motel has taken several measures to reduce its environmental footprint, such as using low-energy bulbs, recycling waste, and growing its vegetables without any pesticides. All cleaning products used at the motel are non-toxic and biodegradable. Litchfield Motel is the ideal place to stay for those who want to experience nature while still being conscious of the environment.

2. Batchelor Resort

Batchelor Resort is another environmentally-friendly accommodation business in Litchfield. The resort uses solar power to provide electricity for the guests, and it collects rainwater to supplement the water supply. The resort also composts all its food waste, recycles waste, and reduces the use of paper and plastics. The resort is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and encourages guests to participate in eco-friendly activities.

3. NT Parks and Wildlife Commission

NT Parks and Wildlife Commission manages several eco-friendly campsites in Litchfield National Park. These campsites are designed to be environmentally-friendly, and the commission encourages campers to follow Leave No Trace principles. The commission also provides recycling bins and composting facilities for campers to use.


4. Litchfield National Park Tours

Litchfield National Park Tours is an eco-tourism company that offers guided tours of Litchfield National Park. The company encourages its guests to minimize their impact on the environment and to follow Leave No Trace principles. The company also supports the work of local conservation groups and educates the visitors about the importance of conservation.

5. Top End Adventures

Top End Adventures offers eco-tours that take guests to some of the most beautiful destinations in Litchfield. The company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by using energy-efficient equipment, conserving water, and reducing waste. The company also educates its guests about the importance of conservation and environmental protection.


6. Litchfield Café

Litchfield Café is a restaurant that serves delicious food made with locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant uses sustainable practices, such as composting waste, using reusable plates, and investing in energy-efficient equipment. Litchfield Café is the perfect place to visit for those who want to enjoy delicious food while being eco-conscious.

7. Wangi Falls Café

Wangi Falls Café is located in the beautiful Wangi Falls area of Litchfield and serves gourmet coffee, snacks, and light meals. The café is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by recycling waste, using non-toxic cleaning products, and investing in energy-efficient equipment. The café also educates customers about the importance of environmental conservation.


There are several businesses in Litchfield that are committed to protecting the environment, reducing their environmental footprint, and promoting environmental conservation. These businesses are leading the way in eco-friendly practices, and they serve as a model for other businesses in the region. By supporting these businesses, visitors to Litchfield can enjoy nature while being conscious of the environment. For those who want to learn more about these businesses, contact details are provided below:



NT Parks and Wildlife Commission: [INSERT CONTACT DETAILS HERE]

Litchfield National Park Tours: [INSERT CONTACT DETAILS HERE]




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